German Drop's warehouses span China, the USA, and Germany, each exceeding 5000 square meters. Leveraging our sourcing capabilities in China and strategically stocking inventory in either our USA or German warehouses ensures expedited shipping times and heightened customer satisfaction.

Distinguish yourself from competitors and expand your market presence by leveraging German Drop's exceptional warehousing management solutions.

Achieve faster shipping times to the EU and USA
  • Streamlined return and resend processes

  • Reduced shipping and warehousing expenses

  • Time-saving benefits with automated warehouse operations

  • Experience lower error rates

  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire USA and EU regions

  • Enjoy personalized inventory shelf management, allowing you to name your dedicated product shelves for enhanced organization

Seamless management across multiple stores
  • Consolidating orders within a unified system, simplifying operational costs
  • Tailor inventory allocation across diverse stores to align with unique demands
  • Control over product and inventory adjustments
USA & EU Warehouses

Select products for stocking

Procure them from preferred suppliers, and perform quality checks. Products sourced from Chinese suppliers undergo quality assessments at our Chinese warehouse before dispatch to designated EU/USA warehouses

Stay informed with regular inventory status updates

Within 5 days shipping with tracking numbers

Are there minimum order quantities (MOQ) required for stocking in the EU/USA warehouses?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set at 100 pieces, applicable across all product categories. You have the flexibility to mix various variants within a single product.

How is the shipping cost determined?

Shipping Cost Calculation:

The total shipping fees include shipping charges from China to the EU/US, package operation fees (at a rate of $1 per piece), and terminal delivery fees. These costs are determined based on the package's weight.

What are the fees associated with EU/USA warehousing?

Currently, stock storage in our EU/USA warehouses incurs no fees.

Do we have the flexibility to select our preferred shipping options?

Presently, our shipping services in the US are solely facilitated by USPS. Nevertheless, we remain receptive to partnerships with supplementary service providers like UPS, FedEx, and others, aligning with your dynamic requirements. Additionally, you have the autonomy to select your preferred shipping line for transporting products from the Chinese warehouse to the EU/USA warehouse.

Are you prepared to experience expedited delivery through the USA/EU warehouse for your eCommerce business?

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